Vegetarian meals that looks like animal meat

The Vegetarian culture describes a vegetarian as: “someone that resides on a diet of cereals, pulses, peanuts, vegetables, vegetables and fruit with, or without, using milk products and eggs. A vegetarian does not consume any beef, chicken, video game, seafood, shellfish or by-products of massacre.”

I know it generally does not state any such thing about not eating a vegetarian food containing Quorn or Tofu, but why would a veggie want to consume meals that looks like animal meat? How come meals companies believe that non-meat eaters would want to eat food intake that looks like and has the same feel to animal meat? I am able to just think that it really is aimed at beef people who possess lately become vegetarian, and it’s some sort of comfort thing just like smoking patches for those attempting to quit smoking. I simply do not get it! A bit a chance I signed up with a dating site and found this lovely woman, we had gotten on effectively… until she prepared myself a vegetarian Lasagne that appeared to be beef! I just cannot consume it and she couldn’t realize why and that ended up being the conclusion that. I might love to know if different non-meat eaters have the same manner, or perhaps is it myself? Today i have found vegetable love by joining this veggie dating site and ought to don’t encounter the ‘veggie food appearing like animal meat’ scenario again.

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