Ethereum vs EOS: Battle Of The Smart Contract Platforms

is eos better than ethereum

EOS is now plotting to break the status quo as it moves to curve a substantial amount of market share on the development of DApps. EOS shares a good number of similarities with Ethereum on the way it handles DApps development. While the two are focused on facilitating the production of decentralized applications, they differ a great deal when it comes to key aspects of operations. There are several cryptocurrencies in the market, and each has a unique selling proposition which makes it stand out from the rest. Every platform wants to outperform the other in terms of what they have to offer, and the Ethereum and EOS platform are not different as the competition between them is very fierce.

This ‘computational power’ is termed as ‘Gas,’ and to execute each step of a smart contract, a certain amount of gas must be spent. EOS (EOS) has been touted as the Ethereum (ETH) killer in part because it is expected to support next-generation smart contract platforms, with higher transaction speeds and better features. With the launch of mainnet, the EOS vs. Ethereum battle has all but started as the two blockchain projects gunner for developer’s attention on the creation of decentralized applications.

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EOS is a utility-packed cryptocurrency and decentralized platform that continues to stay on the radar of many traders and investors in the cryptocurrency industry. Notwithstanding, the EOS blockchain platform has a huge potential to scale in multiple user interactions in the near future. A function of the EOS blockchain ecosystem is that it renders scalable features that distinguish it from other blockchains. If block time in Ethereum is reduced more orphan blocks will be produced and it will be difficult to chose longest chain. Ethereum is “led” by Vitalik Buterin, a Russian-Canadian programmer who was part of the founding Ethereum development team.

is eos better than ethereum

EOS should be a preferred destination for developers given that it has no limitations on the type of programming language that people can use to develop applications. EOS has a huge task on its hands in their quest to beat Ethereum by offering better services that would lure developers to their platform. From the look of things, EOS might just pull this off as the technical specifications of EOS is quite better than what Ethereum offers but the adoption of the crypto is not as high as Ethereum. Some people believe the team behind the project have a huge announcement to make soon as they’ve earmarked a princely sum of $1 billion for marketing purposes only.

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You can follow him on Twitter @TheRealBucci to read his “clever insights on the crypto industry.” His words, not ours. Instead of waiting on thousands of nodes to reach consensus, the blockchain just needs agreement from the 21 Block Producers. This scalability improvement has enabled EOS to achieve over one thousand TPS. As an EOS token holder, you stake your tokens to vote for who you’d like to be a Block Producer. Already, this configuration is much more centralized than that of Ethereum. To further improve scaling, the developers are applying sharding to the blockchain as well.

  • These are crucial because most people do not have the technical knowledge required to create an Ethereum smart contract.
  • This is especially considering that for crypto to go mainstream it needs to scale.
  • If EOS can’t gain momentum, and Ethereum is successful with upgrading to 2.0, then Ethereum may never lose the number two spot.
  • Ethereum is one of two blockchain “supercomputers” which can process smart contracts and has been in existence for a shorter period than EOS, yet it currently has greater interest from skilled developers.
  • EOS vs ETH as separate blockchain networks utilized for the day-to-day running and deployments of smart contracts and decentralized applications, both feature utility native tokens.
  • In today’s context, EOS and Ethereum are the two biggest smart contract platforms in the world.
  • Not only is Proof of Stake better for the environment, but it also allows the network to process more transactions.

EOS and Ethereum are two of the major players in the second generation of blockchain technology. Both offer a blockchain-based platform for creating and executing smart contracts and decentralized applications. However, there are key differences between is eos better than ethereum these two platforms that make them distinct from each other. Ethereum, as a blockchain network ecosystem, offers developers and users an opportunity and platform to create and deploy decentralized applications and smart contracts on its platform.

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is eos better than ethereum

Ethereum has had a considerably difficult time scaling under the current conditions. Right now, the network processes a maximum of fifteen transactions per second (TPS). Comparing this to VISA’s 24,000 TPS demonstrates a massive roadblock to substantial adoption. There are hardly any other cryptocurrencies with a rivalry as tense as Ethereum and EOS.

This is vital, not only for EOS but also for the plethora of entrepreneurs building applications on top of it. For businesses, it is crucial to have a robust and scalable blockchain that has the capacity to serve a growing community. As a result, teams like Effect AI are leaving less powerful blockchains behind and migrating to EOS. Its blockchain protocol has low demand usage as to the Ethereum network, which is famous for its high user base. EOS blockchain network is steadily growing in developments and innovations and is popularly referred to as the Ethereum Killer. Ethereum recently migrated to a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism to provide more scalable solutions to its network.

One main challenge for any crypto is whether it has a good team behind it. This is especially considering that for crypto to go mainstream it needs to scale. Scalability is a teething problem that needs to get resolved to encourage more people to join the crypto community. Whichever crypto/s are adopted need to support many millions of people transacting and interacting with the blockchain constantly.

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